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CycleOps Joule 1.0 and Speed Sensor

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The cockpit of the CycleOps System, specifically designed for cyclists who train with power. Welcome to the new centre of your performance universe. When we designed the new Joule and Joule GPS, we spent hundreds of hours with cyclists, triathletes, coaches, and exercise physiologists, and realized everyone wants answers to four key questions:
1. What am I doing
2. What have I done
3. Am I getting better
4. What should I do to improve

Joule helps you answer these questions. We realize your training changes. You change. Training with Joule means youll always know where you are, where you have been and where you need to go. Every ride with Joule can be as targeted and specific as you need it, giving you the precision and effectiveness necessary to perform at all times.

Joule: New and Improved: Training Simplified
When we set out to improve the Joule the worlds first cycling computer designed for cyclists who train with power we realized that all the data in the world isnt going to help you achieve your goals if it isnt intuitive and easy to use. Through our years of working with cyclists and triathletes of all levels, we understand how to turn training and racing data into meaningful information.

Customizable Dashboard
Start with the innovative and customizable dashboard of our new Joule. Here in a small, sleek, re-designed body youll find all the metrics you need logically grouped for use during your ride including power, heart rate, speed, distance, and altitude18 metrics in all.

Historical Reporting
But the dashboard only tells a part of the story, and we know that what to do next starts with knowing what youve done. Thats why Joule records every second of every ride including intervals for up to a year, making it easy to review historical reports for both individual rides as well as averages over key physiological time frames of 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 6 months and a full year.

CycleOps System: The sum of the parts
The Joule is a perfect complement to our new PowerTap G3 hub, is compatible with any ANT+ sensor, and comes with two mounts (stem and front-bar mount).

CycleOps Joule 1.0 Details:
Specifically designed for cyclists who train with power
New and improved design and functionality
Training simplified: intuitive to use and easy to analyse data
Customizable dashboard: see exactly what you want, when you want
Historical reporting: know where youve been and where youre going
Includes downloadable power, altitude, TSS, normalized power and other critical training data